2013 Campaign


Early in 2013 Inkit embarked upon an innovative guerilla marketing plan. Wanting to inject some unusual ideas into the marketplace, the plan was based on using both non-traditional and traditional methods of getting messaging into the community.

Having been around for over 34 years, serving Yellowknife and the North with a wide variety of marketing and communication services, Inkit is very proud of the work we have created with all our clients; we are diligent at producing materials that get noticed. However, while our work for clients is out there getting your attention, we are the hidden component. So, we wanted you to become acquainted with Inkit, welcoming you to get in with us and see what we can do for you.

stomp… stomp…


After some in-house brainstorming to determine our visuals and our tactics, the first step was to introduce a little mystery and use an unusual and northern aspect to get the message out. And, what better medium is there in the north than snow? We set out in early March, stomping “in’s” from Old Airport Road to Old Town. This continued for a few weeks, during the evenings under the cover of darkness, with stomped “in’s” quietly popping up all around town.

neon cutouts!


Having peaked a bit of interest from the Yellowknife community, the next step was to introduce words that surrounded our business, describing how we work, but non-descript enough to not give us away. We used the precision of our vinyl cutter to make some very flashy cut out “in’s” and affixed our key words in cut vinyl.

snow sculpting


Our next tactic took precise timing with Mother Nature! Come April, we felt the warmer weather and went out to play in the snow once more before it disappeared. We built a few “in” sculptures in key places around town – City Hall grounds, Sir John ball field, by the swimming pool/arena parking lot and on Old Airport Road by Staples.

@twitter and web


When we thought we had been quiet long enough, we introduced our Twitter account to see who might have seen us along the way. There were some very inquisitive minds! We also introduced the URL (getinwith.info) and Hashtag (#getinwith) into the community.



Adding in a more traditional, yet still mysterious element, we introduced posters to our campaign – posting them up around town. These provided inquiring minds with a clue for where to find out more and enhanced the key words describing our business.

welcome mats


Our final tactic, before the big reveal, was to put in place an item that would truly welcome people to get “in” with us. We placed welcome mats, which carried our “in” theme and our hashtag, in front of various businesses in the downtown core. We saw a spike in followers, who we invited to stay tuned for our reveal countdown.

the countdown!


Eleven days before the reveal, on May 1, we put up a countdown on our web page (getinwith.info). This finally gave our followers a clue to the end of the mystery.

flash mob

May 11, at the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce Annual Spring Trade Show, we revealed who was behind the ‘in’ mystery with a flash mob. Approximately 40 people were involved, creating a significant impact at the trade show. We spent the remainder of the weekend talking with the community, sharing our campaign and our business!

summer surprises


Over the summer we still had a few surprises up our sleeves and left goody boxes around at various locations – Fred Henne beach, Reid Lake campground, Yellowknife Golf Club, Fritz Theil ball park and McNiven Tennis courts.

Now that we are out in the open and the “in’s” are no longer a mystery, we invite you to get in with us! Come by and see us at Inkit and see what we can do for you!